Conference Listings


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October 22-25:  SOTA 2015 Conference, Cheektowaga, NY. More Info

October 22-25: OPA Annual Astrology Retreat, Asilomar, CA. More Info

November 6-11: Astrology Restored, Cape Town, South Africa.  More Info

November 19-23: “Ancient Vedic Wisdom for the Modern World,” Sedona, AZ. More Info




January 21-25, 2016:  FAA International Astrology Conference, Sydney, Australia. More Info

March 18-21 and March 21-23, 2016: “iAstrologer: How to Create a Successful Astrology Practice”, sponsored by OPA, Athens, Georgia. More Info

April 14-18, 2016:  Great Lakes Astrology Conference, “Responsibly Facing Our Dreams,” Ann Arbor, MI. More Info

May 25-30, 2016: NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), Seattle, WA. More Info

May 27 – June 9, 2016: “OPA Astrology Conference and Spiritual Tour”, Athens, Greece and The Islands. More Info

October 13-17, 2016: “Cycles, Choices, Wisdom,” ISAR Symposium, Costa Mesa, CA. More Info


February 16-19, 2017: NCGR conference: “The Many Faces of Astrology,” Baltimore, MD. More Info


May 24-28, 2018:  UAC 2018