Community Events


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January 23-25:  “Cycles Transition and Rites of Passage” Chiron Conference, Abbottsford, Victoria, Australia. More info

February 18-23: Sky Astrology Conference, Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. More info

March 12-15:  River of Stars Astrology Conference, Big Island, Hawaii. More info

March 14:  The Maya School’s Mundane Conference on Unaspected Planets, London, UK More info

March 20-22: ASPAS 1st Luso-Brazilian Astrological Symposium “Navigate the Stars”, Lisbon, Portugal. More info

April 9-11:  2015 AFA Conference, The Cosmic Clock. Tempe, Az. More info

April 9-13: Great Lakes Astrology Conference, Ann Arbor, MI. More info

April 25:  The Maya School of Astrology Financial Astrology Conference, London, UK More info

May 9-10:  “Astrological Signatures in the Modern World,” Astrology Student Conference, London School of Astrology, Covent Garden, London More Info

May 21-25:  NORWAC 2015: Northwest Astrology Conference, Seattle, WA. More info

June 26-28: Church of Light Convention 2015: The Hermetic System of Astrology, Albuquerque, NM. More Info

June 27-28: “Astrology as Art: Representation and Practice,” Annual Sophia Centre Conference, Bath, England More Info

September 11-14:  “Appreciating the Past and Creating Our Future,” The Astrological Association 47th Annual Conference, Wyboston Lakes, UK More Info

November 19-23: “Ancient Vedic Wisdom for the Modern World,” Sedona, AZ. More Info