Astrology Considered: A Thinking Person’s Guide


The Book You’ll Want To Give Away!

We think you’ll find that Astrology Considered: A Thinking Person’s Guide is a keeper.


But it’s also a book you’ll want to give away to others. Like skeptical or fence-straddling friends, relatives or neighbors who might be won over if they had enough information to actually make an informed decision about the merits of astrological truth claims.

The 212-page book is a collection of articles and news features from the Astrology News Service (ANS) archives. Its publication is part of the astrological community’s ongoing efforts to improve the way the public perceives astrology.

Astrology Considered examines the philosophical issues astrology provokes, presents supporting statistical evidence, and thematically addresses astrology’s under-appreciated value to society. On one level the book is a response to astrology’s vocal critics. But the real takeaway for many readers will be greater appreciation for an evolving worldview that has withstood the test of time.

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