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February 12, 2024

By Maria Pascual    

February 9, 2024. 6:00 pm EST.  🌅🌘♒️
The New Moon in Aquarius at 20° brings in the Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon (February 10th).

A powerful, fast moving  year.

Emphasizing the recent ingress of Pluto into the sign of Aquarius, it marks a time of restlessness, challenges: a kind of electrical energy that doesn’t feel solid and greatly stimulates the nervous system.  Saturn, which rules structure, in watery Pisces, doesn’t exactly add solidity or stability. Aquarius brings a great need for personal space. To relax. To have time to think about the changes coming up.  You could say change is the constant.

Mercury is in Aquarius, conjunct Pluto this week. A lot of the unspoken is being spoken, the unconscious seeps through our communication. Mercury’s square with Jupiter in Taurus can bring up tremendous stubbornness on all sides.

Each New Moon starts a 28 day lunar cycle; 13 “moons” in a year.  We set our intentions and goals as the sun and moon 🌙 join together. The degree and aspects formed with other planets are significant. In your own natal chart, the house and planets aspected indicate where the changes take place. For example, if Venus is affected by the new Moon, or by Pluto, needs for dramatic change enter the realm of relationships. The preceding, balsamic moon (the dark moon) has swept out the remnants of the old cycle. We are vulnerable and receptive to outside influences, to stuff that is ending. The new moon is the Dawn of the new lunar cycle. In this case it is also the beginning of a 12 month Chinese calendar New Year. This New Moon is intensified, being exactly square (90° angle) to Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in the sign of Taurus. Uranian energy can be chaotic and disorienting. Literally, it breaks down the past. The Saturnian structures and rigid attitudes. We may feel pulled in different directions. The need for stability and comfort, Taurus ♉️, versus the need for freedom and individual expression, Aquarius ♒️.

Be aware of what you have left behind. Of the parts of yourself that you have been shedding, that no longer serve you. Take time for solitude, being in nature, which heals so much! and grounds the excess electrical energy.

It’s a perfect time to do a recapitulation of your life, of the last year. See how you have changed, adapted, grown. The positive and the negative. Take stock of how you have expanded! 🌈Appreciate the efforts you have made.

NOW is the time to dream your next cycle. Use the full expression of your imagination to make your dreams a reality. Colors, music, breath work, meditation. Access these tools that give shape to the unconscious in subtle ways to connect with our Inner Self, that fountain of Light.Of true knowing.

©️María Pascual 2024. 
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