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What Can Astrology Do For You?

May 29, 2013

By Steven Forrest   

A woman has a baby and is blissful about it.  Another one does the same and spends the rest of her life dreaming about how she might have been a ballerina.   The same event: having a kid.  But only one smiling woman.

Nobody has a generic formula for happiness, at least not one that does the trick for everyone.  That’s where astrology comes in.

The birth chart (horoscope) stripped to bare bones is simply a description of the happiest, most fulfilling life that’s available to you – personally.  It spells out a set of strategies you can use to avoid boring routines, bad choices and dead ends.  It lists your resources.  And it talks about how your life looks when you’re missing the resources and distorting the strategies – shooting yourself in the foot, in other words.

All from a map of the sky?

It’s hard to believe, but think for a minute…

“How can the planets possibly affect us?   They’re millions of miles away,” you say.

Astrology’s critics are fond of rolling out that argument.  But it doesn’t hold water. Go out and gaze at the moon.  What’s really happening?  Incomprehensible energies are plunging across a quarter million miles of void, crashing through your eyeballs and creating electrochemical changes in your brain.  We call this process “seeing the moon.”  Certainly planets affect us.  The question is where do we draw the boundaries around those effects?

Let’s go a step further.

Open your eyes on a starry night.  What do you see? A vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light.  Now close your eyes so tight they ache.  Where are you now?  What do you see?  Again, a vast, luminous space, full of shadows and light.  Consciousness and cosmos are structured around the same laws, follow the same patterns, and even feel pretty much the same to our senses.

“As above, so below.”  Just as the starry night awes us with its vastness, there’s something infinitely deep inside you, a place where you go when you close your eyes, a place that is beyond being an Aries or a Gemini or even a specific gender.  At the most profound level, a birth chart is a map back to that magical center.  It describes a series of earthly experiences which, if you’re brave and open enough, will trigger certain states of consciousness in you – states that operate like powerful spiritual catalysts, vaulting you into higher levels of being.

You are a mysterious being in a mysterious cosmos.  You’re here for just a little while, a blink o God’s eye.  You face a monumental task: figuring out what’s going on!  In that spiritual work, astrology is your ally.

How will it help?  Certainly not by pigeon-holing you as a certain “type.”

Astrology works by reminding you who you are, by warning you about the comforting lies we all tell ourselves, and by illuminating the experiences that trigger your most explosive leaps in awareness.

After that, the rest is up to you.

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Steven has been working as an astrologer professionally for more than 40 years and has written several classic best-selling astrology books. He has traveled the globe teaching a practical and transformative style of astrology. And he is committed to practicing his own style of responsible, inspiring, choice-centered astrology. More articles and information about the author can be found at

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