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Weekly News March 18th 2024

March 18, 2024

By Christeen Skinner   


You may have read that Jupiter and Uranus conjoin on April 20th. That, from the geocentric perspective is true. If you are wondering what that might mean, you could consider noteworthy events that took place on March 14th when the two formed their conjunction from the heliocentric perspective; viewing this as ‘invisible writing on the wall’ offering clues for what lies ahead for the geocentric event.

Over March14th/15th, Bitcoin reached a dizzying $78K before falling almost 8% – activity that could repeat next month when the two planets appear aligned in April. By then Bitcoin halving will have taken place. In the past, this action has come ahead of another surge in price. That surge notwithstanding, it is reasonable to expect volatility at the geocentric conjunction.

(With Pluto crossing Jupiter’s position in Bitcoin’s chart in the 4th quarter of 2024, astrology suggests it will recover).

Also in the news were pictures of the not inconsiderable engineering feat that saw a retired British Airways Concorde plane lifted by crane and manoeuvred across the Hudon River and returned to its home in the Intrepid Museum in Manhattan – reminding all who caught sight of this plane of the ingenuity that brought it into being and of its 3 hour journey time from New York to London.

It is interesting to note that when Jupiter and Uranus aligned on the World Axis in 1969, man set foot on the Moon. Since then, many advances in space exploration have coincided with major aspects involving these planets.

Coinciding with the heliocentric conjunction, the third Space X Starship mission (not entirely successful) was launched. Expect to hear more about this in late April.

Christeen Skinner March 18th 2024

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