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February 19, 2024

By Christeen Skinner   

On Thursday February 22nd, Venus conjoins with Mars. To find a similar chart, (with Pluto also in Aquarius), you would need to go back to December 1792 and George Washington’s second election.

 The point to make here is that none of us alive today have experience of this energy.

The most recent conjunction of Venus and Mars occurred in 2022 in Capricorn and coincided with Russian tanks invading Ukraine. It is perhaps not unreasonable to expect major developments in that theatre of war this week – especially since the conjunction occurs within days of a Full Moon (when emotions are heightened).

A more positive association of Venus with Mars is initiation of romantic activity. Aquarius is the sign most associated with hi-tech. It was postulated by a colleague that perhaps the coming conjunction would coincide with media attention on the advent of Artificial Intelligence-driven dating apps!

This week concludes with a Full Moon (Sun Pisces opposite Moon Virgo) coinciding with Saturn’s journey through Pisces. This planetary picture last took place in February 1994 when Munch’s masterpiece ‘The Scream’ was stolen in Oslo (though later recovered). It was at the Full Moon that month too, when an Israeli opened fire in the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank and when the horrific murders by Fred West and his wife in the UK, became known.

It is normal for humankind to look for patterns and astrologers will always look to see ‘what happened last time’. The fact that so often there are repeating themes at work is wondrous. The accent though is on the word ‘themes’. The cosmos doesn’t deliver an exact rerun and it is to be hoped that the news-worthy stories at the end of this week are more akin to the positive news stories at the Full Moon in February 1994 when the percussion revue “Stomp” opened at the Orpheum Theatre, NYC to run for 11,475 performances

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About the author

Christeen Skinner is a practicing astrologer based in London and is the director of Cityscopes London, a company specializing in future casting.

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