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Weekly News Sunday March 24th

March 21, 2024

By Lynne Hyde   

On Monday, March 25th the Sun will be at 5 degrees of Aries in the sky above us and the Moon will be at 5 degrees of Libra opposite it and we, here on earth, will be between both! All three planets will stand together in a tight row, aligning up perfectly and exactly as the earth will block out the sun’s reflected light that shines on the moon. This is called a “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse”. It’s a time where events on earth are generally intensified and magnified. Watch, listen and feel as the next few days unfold and witness the planets activity above us manifest here below, with us and within us…

Eclipses occur twice every year in a routine, calculated cycle. They can be times of extreme weather, extreme emotions and extreme conditions. There are generally more storms, arrests, psychiatric hospital admissions and disputes during full moons. When an eclipse occurs, it’s even more pronounced and there can be an element of the “dice of life” being moved on a chess board by something other than ourselves. We can feel out of control as though events were moving in ways and directions that we’re not a part of. An eclipse can seem to pop open the buildup of energy that’s been mounting in the weeks and months before and unleash surprising and unexpected outcomes. Our inner world of thoughts and feelings can also be more paramount and exaggerated during the time leading up to, during and after an eclipse. It can feel as though instability is unleashed within us and around us. It’s a time of not knowing.

Astrologers understand that each area of the sky called signs holds specific meanings. This Lunar Eclipse that takes place with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra has to do with issues of “self ( Aries) and relationships ( Libra). There could be concerns over partnerships that aren’t working leading to war and breakdowns or the discovery of new alliances that suddenly appear and are working, creating breakthroughs. We are being asked by the cosmos to consider how to be in relationship with others but not lose our sense of self. Biden faces this now with his tricky relationship with Netanyahu and we all may be facing this with our friends, husbands, wives, and family members.

This “self-versus others” is the theme that’s unfolding now and will continue two weeks from now when the Moon will completely block out the light of the Sun at the New Moon and darken a path across the United States (more on this later). This month of the Eclipse Season is an exceptional, vulnerable time when the Life force that’s bigger than us, that the Sun and Moon are apart of, takes over in its own powerful and specific way taking us into new directions of its own making that we cannot control. It’s a time where we must “Let Go”…

May all of us humans be willingly humbled by the profound planetary cycles that are apart of nature’s wise force that we are a part of. May we understand the News around us, in the next few weeks, may be unpredictably astounding for the Eclipse Season is upon us!

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Lynne Hyde is a professional astrologer, living in Miami Florida, who watches and witnesses the astrological cycles in forever awe …

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