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Weekly News March 24th

March 28, 2024

By Maria Pascual   

A COSMIC SMOOTHIE:  Spring Equinox Blends With The Eclipse Season

The energies of the Spring Equinox are blended uniquely, with the vortex of the eclipse season.  This immerses us in a dream like, magical world, where many things are possible. Aries and Libra. The self/relationships-with a lot of Pisces trailing along, closing situations, letting go of ehat needs to go. Aries north node encourages us to forge ahead in new directions. But in the nebulous, non-defined eclipse sensation, action is difficult. Like moving in a dream  where unknowns abound.

To add to the fray, Mercury is retrograde in Aries from April 1 (ha ha the Fool/Juggler) to April 25 from 27° to 1° Aries. The juggler is a quintessential symbol of Mercury! Seems to be playing a universal joke? Arriving on that day


. At 27degrees Aries.
The emphasis, with the nodes of the moon in Aries/Libra: autonomy versus relationship: Our mirror of that self.
Eclipses occur every six months, marking the alignment of the sun, moon, and earth on the same axis. They mark dramatic moments of internal and external changes, often sudden and unexpected. The barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds is thin, bringing up forgotten or new ideas to conscious
If we accept and adapt to the new awareness, eclipses can serve as an amazing medium towards changes that we really want in ourselves. 


The plasticity of our being makes it possible. These new revelations can be unpleasant or hurtful,  specially when they involve close relationships. The south node in Libra brings our past relationships to the foreground. All of them, beginning with Family.
If eclipses fall on important angles or planets in your natal chart, themes related to that planet, become very sensitive to this kind of psychic intensity. The changes, surprising events take place in the houses where Aries/Libra fall in your chart.
When 2 planets form an important aspect at the time of an eclipse, their blend of energy  is intensified. The lunar eclipse coincides with a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Pisces. Close relationships, our communication, who and how we love, all get a reality check.  Pisces is boundary-less, so Venus in Pisces, where it is exalted, is vast, universal; ideal love. It can be a bit clueless in personal love. Missing red flags and reality checks. So Saturn tends to pull down those idealistic veils and reveal the reality beneath. The Pisces energy, Venus/Saturn, calm down and soften the harsher, dynamic Aries drive to action and emergence.
The total  Solar Eclipse on April 8 (19 Aries) is huge and intense. It crosses the United States from southwest to northeast, indicative and in synchrony with unprecedented situations of chaos and polarization. I will write more about this later. What is the most beneficial way to navigate this eclipse season? With energies pulling us in what seem like opposite directions? Forge ahead with your current projects and goals. Be prepared for long waits, cultivating Patience, and periods of self reflection. Expect new awareness! Illumination. However that may manifest for you. Eclipse seasons basically create a new pattern of the forces of Light and Dark.
As we reshape these forces within ourselves, as we connect deeper with our autonomy , Aries, we also connect with our sense of meaning and mission, of being a protector. Aries. As we approach Libra and the South Node, our relationships, it is helpful to balance our sense of fairness and loyalty. Venus/Saturn.  Be real in honing in on past, distressing patterns of relating. Eliminate by paying attention. By sensitivity. Pisces. So what IS our new pattern of Light and Darkness?

©️ María Pascual. March 26, 2024 Contact María by email, message, for very interesting astrological Readings. 

March 25, 3 am EDT :Lunar Eclipse @ 5 Libra/Aries
April 8: Total Solar Eclipse @ 19 Aries
April 1st. Mercury stations Retrograde @ 27 Aries.
March 21: Venus/Saturn exact conjunction @ 12 degrees Pisces.
April 10: Mars/Saturn exact at 14 Pisces.
April 20: Jupiter conjuncts Uranus @ 21 Taurus. ( This is an astrological Big Deal ! A 12 year cycle.)

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