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Are Scientists Wrong About Astrology?

January 29, 2015

By Edward Snow   

Is astrology a science?

Hardcore skeptics say no, and many mainstream astrologers aren’t sure it matters; astrology is what it is and should not be constrained by materialist assumptions about the way things work in the natural world, they say.

It’s true that statistical studies have established meaningful synchronicities between the cyclical motion of transiting planets and events on earth. But confounding anyone who seriously considers the topic in the modern era is the lack of a plausible physical explanation for how astrology works. What causal mechanism might conceivably produce the kinds of prescient insights astrologers share with clients?

Author and channel Lee Carroll never imagined he’d have much to say on the matter. He’s never studied astrology; out of college with a degree in business and economics he started a technical audio business in San Diego, California, and over the years went on to become an award-winning audio engineer. But all this was before a psychic reader put Carroll in touch with his own special gifts – and the spirit entity he knows as Kryon stepped forward.

At first, Carroll embraced the connection cautiously and with temerity. As he puts it, spirit had to “hit me between the eyes” before it was possible (for him) to entertain the idea that what he was experiencing was real. But Kryon was persistent and persuasive, and has evolved as a prolific source of esoteric knowledge and inspiration for a groundswell of followers around the globe.

Kryon’s first channeled messages were presented to the metaphysical community in Del Mar, California, in 1991 and quickly expanded from there. With his spiritual partner Jan Tober, Carroll started the Kryon Light groups, and the organization today hosts about six meetings a year all over the globe.

Kyron at the UN

Carroll has channeled Kryon’s insights for audiences as large as 3,000 people. On several occasions he has been asked by the UN chartered Society for Enlightenment and Transformation (S.E.A.T) to present Kryon at the United Nations, a series of talks that have been held in the UN building. The group meets upstairs in the working areas of the building not far from the General Assembly.

Kryon’s collaborative efforts with Carroll have produced 16 books, including the first book to extensively talk about Indigo Children, a term used to identify children born after 1980 with special attitudes and spiritual inclinations.   Foreign editions of Carroll’s books, some co-authored with others, have been published in 24 different languages. The Indigo Children books have sold almost half a million copies.   And Kryon’s website receives about 20,000 visits a day.

In 2012, Delphi Metaphysical University in McCaysville, Ga., presented Carroll with an honorary doctorate degree of Science, Transpersonal Psychology & Metaphysics, citing his “extraordinary contributions of love, wisdom and spiritual understanding.” Spiritual understanding is the focus for many of Kryon’s channeled talks; however, on at least one occasion, the spiritual entity changed pace and reached out to the scientific community with a heads-up about astrology.

“Astrology,” Kryon claims, “is one of the most misunderstood of all the attributes of science. It is being classified as occult by those who are not thinking clearly. Let me remind you that this was also the consideration of those who believed in germs before it (their existence) was proven to be true. Imagine… an invisible microorganism that causes disease. Gasp … it must be occult, or a plan by ETs to invade the earth!”

Apparently, Carroll and the gender neutral entity he channels blend a jaunty sense of humor. But Kryon also exhibits a knack for logically stringing facts together in a compelling and coherent way.

“When your tools and wisdom came to understand it all (that germs were real and some are menacing) it became science and helped save lives. Now we tell you that astrology is the same. It is science that is right now thought to be mysticism,” he said.

How Astrology Works

Kyron’s explanation for how astrology works begins with a tutorial on biology.

“Your DNA is complex; it is elegant and every single piece of it is there for a reason. There is no junk, no waste, and it is beautifully designed. What seems to be random and chaotic is not, for the system lives very succinctly within the one-dimensional framework of a system that works with those beautiful strands. In three dimensions you see the double helix. For many years you have seen it as a strand – a strand by itself, responsible for the genealogy of all the things that make you what you are.”

Kryon says these long strands would seem to do nothing but shorten as you age- a copy of a copy- responsible, perhaps, for what you think is your ultimate demise. But there’s more to this story, he claims.

“Recently, in your science, a discovery was made that seemed to be passed over, which in its essence is probably one of the most profound discoveries that ties you and the (solar system’s) magnetic grid together. The discovery was that the telomeres are actually connected together. DNA is not a strand but a loop.

“It took a while to see the truth of this, for it was a very detailed connection.   So, suddenly, DNA is not a strand but a loop and now the fun begins. For within this loop you now have an attribute of potential electric current. You see, the human being is a bioelectric device and your brain and the synapse and your muscular reactions all work with the neurons that fire the impulses – trillions of them that make your body work. And so the electrics of the body suddenly are involved in the DNA, for there is a current that travels through the loop. It is miniscule, hardly detectable, even by the finest of your instruments.

“So,” Kryon continues, “the first thing we will tell you is this: Scientists, look for the current! For you will discover it is there. Not only that, you will discover that the current flows through chemistry in a way that it shouldn’t do. DNA shouldn’t conduct electricity. But it does…almost like a super-conductor. So now you have current flowing through a loop. In basic electricity, you learn that current flowing through a loop creates a magnetic field.

Its Own Magnetic Field

“Therefore, DNA has a magnetic field all of its own …each double helix. Oh, it‘s small, but when you take trillions of those parts of a human body, all of which have a magnetic field, the whole human being becomes magnetic. So there you sit and there you stand with scientific evidence that the human being’s DNA actually has a magnetic field.

“This should tell you something else because of the physics of magnetics. If one magnetic field overlaps another, something will happen that is known as inductance. Inductance is that magic attribute where two magnetic fields overlap and intertwine and allow communications and transfer of energy to happen. In your (personal) electricity, this is used daily in almost every apparatus you have. What you should know is that inductance is the engine of DNA change, receiving both appropriate and inappropriate magnetic instructions from the environment.

“There’s another realization that should come upon you suddenly. That is, you have the potential of receiving information through the magnetic grid of the planet. …Human beings are continually influenced by the magnetic grid of the planet because it was designed that way for communication and balance. I would like to reveal to you what is landing on (being put upon) the magnetic grid that might be part of that communication we speak of. Oh, there’s a great deal of information that is delivered this way. I’ll just give you the astrological one,” he said.

At the center of the solar system, the sun is being patterned magnetically with gravity every second of the day, he observes.

“You cannot separate gravity and magnetics, for they are twins of the same attribute in science, yet to be understood as they relate to one another. Light is involved as well for it is also one-dimensional. Magnetics, gravity and light are the mysteries of your reality. None of the three are truly understood. They are, instead, simply used. You know what they do but have no idea what they are. Time is the other one, but it is a result of the first three and not an energy unto itself,” he said, adding:

“Your sun is sitting there with the planets pushing and pulling upon it as they move around it. Imagine the force of the tug upon the sun of all of your planets at the various alignments that they go through.   Imagine for a moment that you could see gravity and the incredible forces of gravity as strings out to the planets pulling upon the center of the sun. This would create a constantly changing pattern of strings, would it not? For it is patterned daily all of the time, every moment.

“If you believe the patterning of the sun is different every moment depending on where the planets are you’d be right. …There is a constantly changing pattern in the sun that is interdimensional, that is magnetic, that even affects time.”

More Than Heat and Light

Kryon says the sun is sending us more than heat and light. It continually blasts the solar wind our way.

“The solar wind is a continuous flow of charged particles – magnetics! This is information about the patterning of the sun being delivered to the magnetic grid of the earth, which continually is delivering the information to you. When it arrives on the grid of the planet, this patterning is then transmitted through additional inductance to your DNA at birth. Birth is when you receive it, since that is when you arrive for your first breath of air, your first interaction with the environment as an independent life. Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer – you get a pattern of the sun. And the pattern is a reflection of the alignment of the planets at the moment of your birth.”

Kryon says the pattern is retained in DNA as a life force.

“It affects you, and from then on you are susceptible to the energy of those patterns as they align in our solar system. You call this astrology. It is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and it’s intuitive or part of your consciousness or knowing.

“Astrology is a major influence on human behavior, and it is science and involves DNA and human thought. Can you imagine what this might do to help humanity when it is finally acknowledged? You are susceptible to the movement of the planets. You’re alive with Gaia. You are part of the system.

“How can you ever deny such a thing? That’s science,” he said.

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