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At War With Coronavirus!

March 23, 2020

By Astrology News Services   

It’s a battle within and without, astrologer opines

New York astrologer Cassandra Butler, MA, shared the following thoughts with readers of her online newsletter:

“I’m forever stunned and grateful for the guidance of astrological wisdom.  The international crisis we are all facing seems overwhelming and surreal, and seems to stem from the overall theme of 2020: A year of transformation.”

Butler has been a professional astrologer, healer and teacher for more than 30 years.  She explains that the potential power and situational meaning of astrological symbols may not always be apparent when first encountered. 

 This especially applies to the sabian symbols, a series of esoterically derived word messages for each of the 360 degrees of the circular astrological wheel (horoscope). 

In the current crisis, many astrologers have focused on the timing of a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the astrological sign of Capricorn, A conjunction occurs when transiting planets occupy the same zodiacal degree, which for Saturn and Pluto occurred on January 12, 2020 when the planetary lineup was exact at 22 degrees of the sign. Also, fast moving Mercury joined the configuration on the same day.

The conjunction aspect is operable or within orb when conjoined planets are within 15 degrees of the exact alignment.   But Butler believes the moments when planets conjoin in the same degree of an astrological sign have important symbolic significance.

“The sabian symbol of the great Capricorn lineup of January 12, 2020 is a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat,” she points out, adding:

“In January I wasn’t clear on what that symbol meant.  I believe in light of the virus crisis, now I do.  Each of us is now being called to fight, not only the scourge of the virus and its spread, but also the shadow side of the Capricorn energy: fear, judgment, control, elitisms and manipulation.

“It’s a battle within and without.    

“Over and over during the endless loop of media here is what I’m hearing: Take personal responsibility for isolating yourself to better the world and the common good.  My friends, this is the message of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which took place on January 12, 2020. 

“The highest calling of Capricorn energy is responsibility, patience, boundaries, leadership and, yes, bravery.  Our individual resources are being tested (another Capricorn word)).  And so is Capricorn’s polar opposite sign Cancer, which represents home, food and security.

“The cosmic clarion call is urging us to not just fight fear of the virus but the fear inherent in a world where all of our touchstones –work, the economy and social interaction – have come to a halt.  We have no choice but to tap into our individual power and authority to navigate these trying times. “And when we do, we will receive two awards for bravery as we fight the virus outside and the fear within.”      

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Butler has a degree in social work from Cornell University and a master’s degree from Syracuse University. More information and articles are available on her website:

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