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Sedna in the time of AI and the Technology of the Heart

May 29, 2024

By Karin Elisabeth Grohp is a research astrologer from Sweden and a member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). For more than ten years she has been working on a method for decoding the correspondence between planet and image. Her work mostly revolves around the study of discovery charts for the imagery within the archaeological record. She has found great assistance in the Spirit of the animals, the representatives of the planetary archetypes within the Earthly realm. More information is available on her website;   

Sedna is a dwarf planet in the outermost reaches of the inner solar system orbiting the sun beyond the orbit of Neptune

Around the same time as Pluto enters Aquarius, said to herald leaps of technological
development, another planetary body is making its way into Gemini. Sedna may not be very
familiar in common astrology yet, but she is now emerging to make herself known as the
planetary archetype of artificial intelligence. The trine between Sedna and Pluto is what gives
momentum to the recent acceleration of development within the field of AI. Pluto tends to have
that effect, as an initiatory force. There are many different views on what exactly is being
initiated and what measures should be taken to ensure that it remains under control, which is
another Plutonic theme relevant to the situation. Astrologically the planetary archetype of Sedna
may assist in bringing a fuller picture of what is taking place.
Sedna is a trans-Neptunian object with an orbit that reaches all the way to the hypothetical
region of our Solar system called the inner Oort cloud. Sedna lies beyond the realm of Pluto,
where conscious shifts to unconscious, representing a transition where the disembodied realm
of spirit takes over. Sedna represents the remote reach of Spirit into our Earthly realm. With
reference to the animal kingdom, Sednas reach could be likened to the soft bodied tentacles of
an octopus. The octopus, having developed intelligence separate from the vertebrates, gives
one a notion of an alien intelligence. Often mentioned as a sign of its intelligence is the octopus’
use of tools. Sedna likewise represents the image of the tool as an extension of the mind, and
therefore this dwarf planet seems to carry the essential meaning of artificial intelligence.
Within the microcosm that is the human body Sedna corresponds to the hands. The association
to the tool becomes apparent as the hands are the original tool and an extension of the Heart-
Mind. The left and right hand express the dualization that we also find in Sedna. Tools are
sometimes said to be neutral. Sedna, belonging to the spiritual realm of both light and darkness,
gives the tool the potential for both extremes, depending on how it is used and depending on
the programming of the specific tool. The image of the alien and uncanny that sometimes
emerge from AI is but one side of Sedna.
With Sedna we are confronted with the choice between becoming more or less human. How do
we prevent the use of technology from taking us further away from human ’being’ is a relevant
question of our time. Technology comes in many forms. The externalized technology that we
now see emerging does have its natural organic counterpart in the Heart connected technology
of the microcosmic body. One representation of the technology of the Heart can be found in the
chakra system of eastern traditions. Which set of technologies will we choose to develop? Could
the development of Heart Intelligence be the natural soulful response to the development of
Artificial Intelligence? These are some of the questions and doubts that now enter our
awareness as we become familiar with the planetary archetype of Sedna. While Pluto, as the
guardian of the gates to the underworld, would only let light enter the Earthly realm, Sedna
holds the potential for planting seeds of both light and darkness. It is a question of our humanity,
and our ability to see the potential of our humanity, what is chosen.

It could be said that we are in a time of remembering, which is a theme found within the myth of
Sedna. Her dual expression makes her an archetype of both remembering as well as fracturing
or dismembering. In the myth the Inuit goddess Sedna is dismembered, her fingers cut off by
her own father as she clings to the railing of their boat. As she falls into the sea, her fingers
become the sea-life that the Inuit depend on. Sedna becomes the goddess of the Inuit
While her myth may seem tragic and cruel, as a planetary archetype she represents the
fracturing and loss of Soul as much as she represents a healing and a reconnection to Soul.
The theme is pertinent to the current storyline of artificial intelligence. Sednas extreme orbit
seems to have taken us far away from the natural expression of Soul. Nature ’is’ the expression
of Soul. We are Soul. Our relationship to nature and our lack of care for nature could be said to
reflect the state of our connection to Soul. Sedna impels us to look at the wholeness of our
As a planetary archetype Sedna gives perspective to the current movement within the field of
AI, revealing the many facets and the deeper meaning to that which is expressed externally as
artificial intelligence. Sedna may exist in a distant periphery but still she continues to remind us
to pay attention to what lies at the center of consciousness. With Heart and Soul at the center,
the Human endeavor shifts towards its natural focus and its higher expression. Anything other
than that is not on the path of Human becoming.
The incorporation of Sedna into astrology will help us look at the time we are in from a more
holistic perspective. Her dual expression assists in formulating a deeper understanding of many
of the stories that are emerging on the surface of worldly affairs. While some may think of Pluto
as the planet of war, Sedna carries the very image of polarization that war brings, the division of
light and dark that characterizes the realm of spirit. A division that fails tragically within the
Earthly Human realm. While Pluto is the warrior that discriminates between light and dark, and
only lets light enter, it has become clear that we are living in a time where war and darkness has
seeped into the Earthly realm.
Pluto entering Aquarius then becomes a question of which technology we allow entry into our
lives, the natural Heart connected technology or other disconnected forms of technology. The
questioning of technology that we see at the moment is the healthy response of Pluto’s guardian
function at the gates to the underworld of Sedna. Pluto is our spiritual immune system, and
there is no reason to downplay the importance of Pluto in the cosmic order. While Pluto is now a
widely accepted part of the astrological scheme, Sedna is yet to integrate.
While Sedna at this moment may not be widely familiar within the astrological community, there
is good reason to bring her into the astrological discourse. To disregard the meaning of the
planetary archetype of Sedna, would not serve us well in the time that we are in. Awareness
might just be the difference that would make it a time of remembering, instead of further
fracturing. Sedna was always there, accessible within the field of the unconscious, hidden within
our microcosmic physical Human form as well as within the macrocosm. Bringing Sedna into

our conscious awareness, making her part of astrological practice, may be the reflection of a
movement within the collective psyche, a movement towards remembering.

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