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Book Review: A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files: 54 True Short Stories

November 5, 2013

By Armand Diaz, PhD.   

Astrologers often strive to explain the how and why of their ancient and contemporary discipline, which is not an easy task given that astrology assumes a very different perspective than the standard view of reality in the modern Western world. The matter is further complicated because astrologers are not philosophers, and people who might be interested in astrology are not necessarily interested in philosophy.

Judith Hill and Andrea Gehrz have stepped in to take a different approach in their new book, A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files: 54 True Short Stories. Although the authors do try to present a background perspective for understanding astrology, the real core of the book is the stories which come from the authors’ own experience as astrologers. These are presented in short form, usually two or three pages each, making for an easy-to-read book that can be taken in sequence or browsed in short chunks. The writing style is light and engaging, and the stories cover a range of topics from business decisions to romantic partnerships.

The reader gets a sense of what it is like to be both the astrologer and the client, as the authors describe the setting, atmosphere, and topic of the consultation. They take us on a journey that begins with the client’s question, moves through the consultation process, and ends when the client reports back with the results. Most of the cases deal with very practical questions, such as selling a piece of property, conceiving a child, or picking the best time for an event.

Although the authors are very sensitive to the feelings and internal states of their clients, they clearly practice a kind of astrology that is bent towards pragmatic concerns rather than psychological or spiritual processes. That is a very good place to start learning about astrology for those who would like to go deeper than what can be said about their sun sign. The many practical uses of astrology can help people with many aspects of their professional and personal lives, and the Wonderbook gives examples of how even professionals and experts in a field can benefit from consulting an astrologer.

If you’re curious to see what it is like to consult a professional astrologer, A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files: 54 True Short Stories would be a great place to begin your orientation.

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