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Astrology Helping Couples Cope With Fertility Issues

June 2, 2011


Couples who have repeatedly tried and failed to achieve conception or a full-term pregnancy should not give up until they’ve tested all the options.

“Research indicates that 90 million women and men world-wide experience infertility problems. Many could be helped by consulting an astrologer who specializes in fertility counseling,” consultant Barbara Schermer advises.

Schermer is author of Astrology Alive/ a Guide to Experiential Astrology and the Healing Arts. A “Becoming Mommie” blog track is posted on her website.

She believes a fertility consultation using astrology is best done while trying to conceive naturally, but couples should not lose heart.

“Once you go the medical route timing is more complicated but still possible with an understanding physician,” she said.

Schermer has provided fertility consultations at Pulling Down the Moon, a fertility clinic with offices in Chicago and Washington D.C. that offers alternative approaches.

” If a woman is nearing the end of her fertile years it’s the sooner the better for getting started with medical options. We can still work together,” she said.

According to Schermer, nothing the astrologer says to a client should be construed as medical advice or should overrule a physician’s instructions. Astrology won’t work a miracle for people who need surgery or some other medical intervention.

“What the astrologer can deliver is the meticulous research needed to determine the best time for conception, other factors being equal. Women should get their bodies and psyches in the best shape possible with exercise, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, affirmations and visualizations,” she said.

In one success story, Schermer describes a woman who was down to the last of her five IVFs (in vitro fertilizations). After ideal implantation dates were determined by astrology she was able to get her doctor to go along with the program and ultimately gave birth to healthy baby boy.

In another example, a woman nearing the end of her fertile years had experienced two pregnancies that ended prematurely after 20 weeks. Astrological advice helped her achieve two full-term pregnancies when hope was gone.

Schermer says every situation is different, but some general guidelines apply.
In astrology, the moon is said to rule conception, fertility, the womb, mothers, babies and family dynamics. Every year when the new moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) there are three two-week time periods when women are most fertile.

In 2011 the applicable dates are July 1 through July 15 (in Cancer), and October 26 through November 10 (in Scorpio). For the 2012 new moon in Pisces the dates are February 21 through March 8.
In the Kriya Yoga tradition, the most auspicious day of any month is the fifth day following a new moon when the moon is growing and most robust, she said.

Some Mercury retrograde fertility planning dates to avoid in 2011: August 3 through 27 and November 24 through December 14.

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