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Getting the Most Out of Your Career

May 11, 2015

By Armand Diaz, PhD.   

“… a lot of us want to contribute something back to our species and to add something to the flow. It’s about trying to express something in the only way that most of us know how – because we can’t write Bob Dylan songs or Tom Stoppard plays. We try to use the talents and abilities we do have to express our deep feelings, to show our appreciation of all the contributions that came before us, and to add something to that flow. That’s what has driven me.” – Steve Jobs

Two common issues astrology clients have with regard to career:

1. They don’t have jobs.

2. They do have jobs but find them unfulfilling, boring, stagnating, restrictive, and unfulfilling.

Many people might think of astrology as a tool for understanding relationships and personal dynamics, but increasingly clients are looking to astrologers for help with career decisions.

In the current economic environment, it can of course be difficult to find any job at all, and finding something you really like and which compensates you well can be extremely challenging. But it is not impossible, and many people are making the economic climate work for them. Among other things, there is a need for a more creative approach to career. That’s in part because the tense Uranus/Pluto square (active 2012 to 2015) is fostering a feeling of uncertainty – and creativity is needed when there is no “sure thing” to invest in.

Some people are transitioning from one career to another, while others are splitting their career energies into more than one track simultaneously. Another approach is to change the perspective on the career they have. None of these solutions work for everyone, and finding the right path can be difficult, especially with the economic pressures of Pluto (the planet associated with transformation) in Capricorn (the sign of business and institutions).

Consider the kinds of skills and attitudes important in making career decisions:

  • Is creativity an important part of your life, and do you want to integrate that into your career?
  • Do you prefer to initiate new projects, or follow through on existing ones?
  • How important is flexibility in your working environment, and how do you feel about routine?
  • Is working with others a priority, or do you focus on the work itself?
  • Do you value security above all else? How much risk are you comfortable with in your career?
  • What are the communication strategies that work best for you?

How might astrology help? Astrologers can take many approaches, including:

  • Finding a career area that really suits a person’s talents, abilities, and personality
  • Optimizing the resume to reflect and promote the attitude and skills a person naturally projects
  • Determining the best times to make career moves, send a resume, or schedule an interview
  • Helping the client to dress for his or her chart, showing their best side at interviews and meetings
  • Recognizing the needs for change and stability as they apply to career
  • Understanding and overcoming the blocks that can hold a person back, turning obstacles into assets

In today’s career environment, where there is little certainty and much competition, astrologers can help to give people an edge in their field, or help them choose an area that suits them at many levels.

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