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The Great American Eclipse

June 14, 2017

By Armand Diaz, PhD.   

What astrologers are saying about the upcoming August 21 event

A solar eclipse happens when the moon and sun are at the same spot in the sky – the disc of the moon covers the sun. Eclipses are special events, attracting the interest of astronomers and ordinary folks alike. Astrologers are one group that pays special attention to eclipses.

This summer, on August 21st, there will be a solar eclipse that is visible through a large portion on the continental United States, Mexico, and Canada – thus it is being called by some “The Great American Eclipse.” This eclipse is rather special because it is a total eclipse of the sun. The sun will be completely covered – stars will be visible in the daytime sky, and street lights will go on, although the path of totality is a relatively thin band that runs diagonally from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeastern United States.

While anyone might want to pay attention to this interesting and spectacular celestial occurrence, astrological tradition holds that eclipses are most powerful in the places where they are visible. Adding to the excitement, when the eclipse occurs it will be at 28 degrees of the sign Leo, very close to the degree that was rising (the ascendant) when U.S. President Donald Trump was born. As an astrological tradition also holds that the chart for a country is the chart of its ruler, the anticipation of the eclipse is amplified (as president, Trump isn’t technically a ruler, but that may be considered his symbolical role).

Symbolic Potential

In exploring the eclipse’s symbolic potential, astrologers have suggested that it may signal a significant change in U.S. politics. On her website,, Jessica Adams speculates that the eclipse will reveal something about a cover-up involving North Carolina. Adams refers to a Daily News story that a Russian oligarch parked his plane next to Donald Trump’s aircraft during the election.

Although few have predictions this specific, many astrologers feel that this eclipse will have significant ramifications for the U.S. Because solar eclipses are new moons, times that seed future changes, the manifestations of an eclipse are typically not immediate. Often, events associated with an eclipse happen when another celestial event triggers the eclipse. For example on September 11th, 2001, the planet Mars and the moon triggered the 2001 solar eclipse – that eclipse had been considered especially powerful because it occurred at the solstice on June 21, at a place in the zodiac astrologers call the World Axis, thought to be very important for global events.

Eclipses run in cycles – they happen at the same place in zodiac in predictable patterns, called the Saros Cycle. Looking at the coming eclipse, Adams joins astrologer Ed Tamplin (at in suggesting that this eclipse cycle relates to the British Royalty – the 1981 eclipse in the cycle happened around the time of Charles and Diana’s wedding.

A Darker Look

Taking a somewhat darker look at the history of this eclipse cycle, Marjorie Orr ( notes that it was around this Saros eclipse in 1981 that an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan occurred, coming one eclipse cycle after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Bill Clinton survived efforts to impeach him on the same Saros eclipse cycle so perhaps things are improving for U.S. presidents?

Although this year’s eclipse is happening in the sign of Leo, astrologers also note what is going on in the opposite sign, Aquarius. Tamplin notes that this Saros eclipse cycle correlates to technological innovations that have changed the world – from high speed aircraft to the detonation of atomic bombs.

Marina, of, takes a more personal view of the coming eclipse. She notes that a solar eclipse is a new moon, and any new moon is a time when we tend to act instinctively. Also, thoughts seeded at the new moon are likely to grow into manifestation. She says a solar eclipse is a powerful reboot; the “blinding light of the Sun is blocked for just enough time to get a new perspective.

“It is mind-altering and refreshing, but it can turn your world upside down too.”

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Armand M. Diaz, PhD, is a consciousness researcher and professional counseling astrologer with a doctorate from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is articles editor and writes book reviews for ANS and is the author of Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World and other books. More information can be found on his website,

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