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Astrological Study On Gold Prices Hits the Mother Lode

January 22, 2015

By Edward Snow   

Step by painstaking step astrologers are demonstrating that quantitative research methods can be used to come up with measurable and quantifiable correlations between behavioral or personality traits and the alignment of planets transiting in the heavens above.

Studies that look at the apparent impact of the planets on stocks and commodity prices are especially promising in this regard, says astrological researcher and software developer David Cochrane.

For example, he says the massive planet Jupiter’s reputation for bringing expansion and inflation is clearly indicated in a study that tracked short-term price gains in the gold market.

Cochrane is a past president of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and founder of Cosmic Patterns Software Inc. He is creator of the Sirius software program used by researchers to conduct astrological research studies that employ data mining, a discipline that involves extracting patterns from large data sets and hypothesis testing to confirm whether a theory is valid.

His study of short term gold prices spanned a period of 31½ years that began on January 2, 1975 and ran through June 20, 2006. The Sun forming 7th harmonic aspects with Jupiter was “the most trustworthy astrological indicator for rising gold prices we found,” he said.

“The exciting news is that a follow-up study by research astrologer Linda Berry, an associate, has confirmed or replicated this original finding,” he added.

Cochrane used the Sirius software to pick out dates when gold prices were very high during the three-plus decades included in the original study. Exploratory features of the software were used to develop the testable formulas that emerged.

According to Cochrane, harmonic aspects were re-introduced in the modern era by British astrological researcher John Addey more than 40 years ago. A 7th harmonic aspect is formed when a 360-degree circle is divided by the number seven, which creates angles of approximately 51, 102, and 154 degrees.

Not a Minor Aspect

“Astrologers consider these to be minor aspects but earlier research by Addey and others suggested this may not always be the case. Our study showed the Sun and Jupiter in the 7th harmonic to be the most important predictor of short-term gold prices,” he said.

Cochrane says attempting to identify an astrological predictor or signature for long-term gold prices wasn’t feasible.   Instead, data collected for the 31½- year period was divided into 126 three-month segments with the Sirius software used to identify when during these short-term periods gold prices were rising or peaking.

The researcher tested two formulas suggested by the software’s exploratory feature. Both formulas included the Sun and Jupiter in 7th harmonic aspects, but the formula he labeled high risk/ high reward included other variables suggested by the software, including some more traditional astrological aspects.

In contrast, a low risk/low reward formula was largely based on the Sun and Jupiter’s 7th harmonic angularity.

Cochrane says the Sirius software provides the tools researchers can use to discover, develop and test an astrological forecast. The forecast can then be compared with actual prices to determine statistical significance.

In the initial study both the high and low risk formulas produced statistically significant correlations well above what might be expected to occur by chance, but only the lower risk formula produced promising results in Linda Berry’s shorter follow-up study.

Berry collected more than 8 years of data, starting where the initial study left off in 2006. However, there were only 26 three-month segments to look at compared with 126 segments in the longer 33 ½ -year study.

“Generally speaking, demonstrating statistical significance in studies of this kind requires larger data sets.   However, even with the smaller sample size, the low risk/low reward formula produced correlation percentages that were close to findings in the longer original study,” Cochrane said.

“The gold study research indicates very clearly that promising and meaningful results can be found, and these findings can be pursued in follow-up studies to clarify which correlations, if any, actually work.

“The two research studies confirm there is a good chance that positive results can be obtained in quantitative studies using harmonic astrology,” he said.

A video describing the research in depth can be viewed here.

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