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June 5, 2024

By Lynne Hyde, a practicing astrologer, who presented “The New Moon’s Energetic News” live in Miami every month for seven years. She’s decided now in these airy, communicative times to begin again in written form. She hopes you will join her in the months to come on “The Astrology News Service’s” sight. She can be contacted at   

We are at a new start again, as we are at some point every month, when the Sun and Moon join together at the same degree in the sky above and a new cycle commences. The beauty is we are gracefully given a fresh, clean stage as life generously gives us a natural, perfect time to begin anew. This month the Sun and Moon come together at 16 degrees in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is an “air” sign concerned with thoughts, ideas and communication. The energy is light, adaptable, mutable and restless, not heavy and stuck, as it was last month, when the New Moon occurred in an earth sign. We are encouraged now to meet and greet others, to share our opinions and impressions that we must allow to vacillate and change as Gemini is a dual sign that needs the space to blow freely and permission to change direction just like the unpredictable wind. Allowing and accepting changeability in ourselves and others is the key to unlocking the door of existence this month. Try to stay moving forward without the need for firm decisions and embrace uncertainty with any speck of confidence you can find within yourself as the news around the globe and in our tiny life circles may be moving quickly and contradictory!

We have had Jupiter, a planet that changes signs only once every year, just enter Gemini and now at this New Moon there will be a total of 5 planets in this dualistic, mental sign. Our thoughts are louder, inconsistent and most likely tricky, meditation will be a must. Venus the planet of love, beauty and money is at the exact, same degree. Relationships will be a priority. Reaching out to others now could manifest like a necessity as we need to feel like we belong to someone or something. New clothes, new haircuts and new looks will help as Venus knows looking good will add to feeling good. Beauty is vitally important and with Venus joining the New Moon we have the power to radiate our wanting’s and attract into our sphere what we ultimately long for. Seek out artistic expression and musical relief. Venus is magnetic love and it is powerful gratitude. We must acknowledge that we need both now.

Financial concerns could come sharply into focus this month as all 3 planetary bodies are in a stressful aspect with Saturn. It’s time to become sober with the addiction of over spending directly in view. Saturn is like an old, wise, strict grandfather that wants us to respect the rules. He knows what’s best for us, he knows the limits from experience. With Venus and Saturn ninety degrees away from each other we can trust that we can make a solid, financial plan that can hold up over time. We may feel the pain of the restrictive detox now but our futures will be sounder. Jupiter will move into this square with Saturn over the coming year which speaks of contraction and a careful pulling back of where ever “excess” takes flight in our lives.

This New Moon could be the start of a needed restraint that leads to some sobriety in our relationships, our finances and our self-esteem. What is needed now is the life giving oxygen that comes from Gemini’s requirement for connection and constant, consistent communication with everyone that surround us in our little worlds. Let Venus’s beauty and gratitude shine in every possible moment that you can this month so your needed self-worth and our vital values can healthfully and fully bloom in the summer time’s uncertain future to come…

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